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torsten herwig

Torsten Herwig found out of love for his adopted home Berlin out to photography. He has been living here since 1993. Countless rendezvous with this city he has since documented with his camera and shared on his blog and in photo series with the world. Berlin offers always new motives. But not only Berlin, other cities like Hamburg, London, Amsterdam or Istanbul awaken the photographic ambition of Torsten Herwig. 

Torsten Herwig, b. 1974 in Braunschweig, photographer in Berlin
Torsten Herwig, b. 1974 in Braunschweig, photographer in Berlin


His photographic drive drives him on and on. Among other things, there was a photo shoot with the young singer / songwriter duo Miki & Alex and a project about motorcycles whose raw power was captured on brushed aluminum by him.


He always wants to develop his artistic spectrum. Over the years, portraiture and street photography launched two other major fields of activity. The "stadtpaparazzi" strives to capture the people behind the facade.


In March 2012, some of his work was exhibited for the first time. In the exhibition "Berlin - above and below" in the Charlottenburg restaurant Brot & Salz 8 photographs were shown, which reflect his own personal view of the city. This was followed by an exhibition from June to September 2015 in the Café tous les jours in the Prenzlauer Berg district.


What is Torsten Herwig's aim as a photographer? To document the diversity of life!

"A few words from me about me.



What fascinates me about Berlin is that pretty much everyone says what they think, asked or unasked. It is openly discussed about the changes in the city and society.


Berlin is "my" city, where I am collecting photos in the middle of life almost daily new impressions. The constant change, no standstill and the diversity of people is fascinating. I also try to transfer my view of the city to other cities. That's why I have traveled to London especially regularly. But also the nearby Hamburg is always worth a visit. I have also already photographed Istanbul in the snow, Amsterdam in the rain. Every city keeps attracting me, never a city gets boring for me.


I love life in the city, that's what I want to capture in my photographs. This openness to the dissidents I feel in the city - on the streets - impresses me again and again. It is particularly important to me to feel tolerance between the people on the street, that's what I want to capture in my pictures. I can not understand, or even misunderstand, that fear and anger prevail in the world. I am convinced that it is still the minority. That's why I can only recommend, see for yourself. And makes the world a bit more open daily.


The photo already finds me.

I want to express that street photography and constant change in Berlin are based on speed. The impressions rush by and I, the silent observer, strikes at the appropriate moment and shoots his picture. There is no time for slow construction, arranging. " 

course of life

1974    born in Braunschweig

1993    Move to Berlin

1997    Birth of the first daughter

1999    Birth of the second daughter

2001    Birth of the first son

2009    first photo course followed by individual courses with professional photographers

             (Peter Fauland und Robert Maté)

2010     "Foundation" of stadtpaparazzi

2012     solo exhibition in Berlin Charlottenburg

2015     solo exhibition in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

2016     solo exhibition in Schorfheide

2016     solo exhibition in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

2017     solo exhibition in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

2018     solo exhibition in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

2018     solo exhibition in Berlin Charlottenburg, Die Stulle

2018     Group exhibition in Halle Westfalen, Atelier Watzke

2019     solo exhibition in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

2019     solo exhibition in Osnabrück

2019     solo exhibition in Berlin Köpenick (all year round, changing photographs)

2020     solo exhibition in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg (all year round, changing photographs)